QuarterMaster Product Image QuarterMaster

The Quartermaster is a URAL x ICON collaborative project designed to increase the long distance off-road capacity of the URAL Solo. Devoid of the sidecar found on most URALs, the Quartermaster was a single-track beast of burden. Extensive frame modifications, including an oversized backbone, braced headstock, and high clearance subframe, differentiated the Quartermaster from her stable mates. Reinforced swingarm, long-travel suspension, and knobbed tires provided a surefooted stance when the road ended. The oversized fuel tank, fitted with frisco’d feed lines, made available every ounce of fuel for maximum operational range. Custom skid plate, crash hoops, and high-mount fenders all spoke to her mastery of the unimproved path. Lathered in haze grey from stem to stern, she would survive where so many others had fallen. Ironically, the Containment Conflicts had turned The Quartermaster’s workaday looks and antiquated performance specs into the most desirable traits of beauty. Time has a way of evening things out.