The One Moto Show: 2016

The One Moto Show in Portland, OR is our annual hometown custom motorcycle party where the bikes collectively blow the collective minds. It’s a place where PBR flows like wine; where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. It’s a place where ICON 1000 has been since the early days; sharing our common bond of two wheels, fabrication, and a good time.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 3.59.32 PM

The Birth of Slow Burn

Each season of ICON 1000 brings a new, and radically different build to our ‘End of Days’ moto harem. Every bike is built as an answer to a different potential cataclysm. Nuclear bursts, zombie hordes, or economic collapse; no apocalyptic theme is too obscure or taboo for our vision. “Why the fascination with global doom?”, you may ask yourself. It’s a complex design methodology, but basically our 1000 line is built with a ‘last jacket standing’ mentality. If it all ended tomorrow, and you could have one jacket or set of boots to last you until rapture, then you would want the best…the ultimate survivor. That is the drive behind the ICON 1000 product line and the birth of Slow Burn.

ICON 1000 Basehawk Jacket and Cheeter Gloves

Spring Break, Our Way. Won’t You Join Us?

Jello shots and questionable Tinder decisions are nice, but what about something a bit more off the radar? Luckily, ICON 1000 Travel Services has just the getaway you need. Grungy, dusty, and with a current of bubbling filth right under its surface, the Salton Sea is ideal for the spring breakers looking to trade palm trees for putrified fish remains. Read Why:

Sitting pretty

These Colors Don’t Run – Our Red, White and Blue Hondas

Red, white, and blue paint, that name, that widow-making 16in. front wheel, we just can’t get enough of everyone’s favorite Honda orphans. So we bought both a VF1000F, and its sister the VF500F. For those unfamiliar, the VF family was Honda’s entry in the sportbike cambrian explosion of the early 80s. Facing an arms race of horsepower, and tech, they volleyed with a V-4 motor from their cruisers slotted into a perimeter frame, and goosed for more power. In the hands of Freddy Spencer, it was a weapon. In the hands of the average rider, it was okay. As for our twinsies, their fates rest in the hands of the ICON wrench and our own imaginations. God help them. The 1000 is mintish. Read More

Salton Sea Scrambler

Salton Sea – A Preview From ICON 1000

The Desert holds many treasures, but is a stingy mistress. Within the oppressive sun and polishing sand, a gift was found: enough juice for one last tank of gas. Over the horizon a vessel to waste this new found plunder in one stretch of glory. A sand torn village beckons. The soulless husk of a tourist trap has come full circle into an actual frontier outpost. Within a decrepit and tagged shack, hidden beneath castoff rags, lies what the golden liquid was meant for. A two wheeled machine with a pipe so nice it makes Snoop Lion look twice, knobb-ish tires, and a engine with a brogue bark and a tepid bite. The day was young and the once sturdy shack door Read More