Speed Dealers

June 15th, at Motoblot Chicago, British Customs and Triumph Motorcycles are holding the Iron Moto Challenge between four regional dealers. Why does this matter? Simple. Would you want to get your oil done by someone fresh out of a Jiffy Lube, or someone that can build a bike in a few hours in front of a couple thousand onlookers. Not only will we be covering the event, we, British Customs, and Raen want you to vote for the winner, and enter to win a trip to Cabo courtesy of RAEN, $1500 in British Custom parts, and $1500 in ICON 1000 apparel. You could say it’s kind of a big deal. So, before this duel starts, let’s introduce our combatants.   Northern Ohio Ducati Read More


Ninja Stance

Stock fitment doesn’t fly in the Harajuku district. We went wide and custom for our upcoming Ninja GPZ900R. Avon Cobras now embrace one-off wheels, and will be ruefully sacrificed soon. Stay Tuned, stay frosty.                


Go Fast, Look Flash – the ICON 1000 Spring / Summer Collection

Get your head out of your past. The new season of ICON 1000 product is upon us and it fuses vintage feel with modern legitimacy – technical fabrics, premium leathers, and D3O armor. Toss away that vintage frown and moldy jacket, you’re entering a new age. Four new jackets, four new helmet graphics, and more most impressive pair of kevlar jeans yet (hint: no hung liner), all-new technical casuals, and leather goods constructed for travels far and wide. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the collection page and explore all the new options. See you at the stoplights.


Everything is Process

We build them, we thrash them, and then we build them again, all in pursuit of inspiring and being inspired by the apparel we build. Each ICON bike is a group effort. Like every custom, it takes a village. To put a single name on a bike, is bullshit. ICON 1000 – Everything is Process from ICON 1000 on Vimeo.


Through the Fire | The All New ICON 1000 Iron Lung

ICON and ICON 1000 customs are intrinsic to our gear. The gear we design influences the bikes we build, and the bikes we build in turn influence the gear we will make. Every ICON bike is built by us in our home office of Portland, OR. The Iron Lung was no different. She laid in the garage for multiple years waiting for a second breath. With the Spring apparel launch approaching in February 2014, it was finally time to resurrect this Sportster. The design brief  was to replicate the bikes that Harley Davidson dared to build in the 1970s – world beating endurance and circuit racers. We have big plans for the ICON 1000 line of apparel so her bombastic approach Read More