The Legend Of DeadBilly



Billy was an All American flat tracking legend, the absolute best, who made a deal with the devil to win ‘em all.

Well, ol Billy missed a payment with the Prince of Darkness, which wasn’t the wisest choice because when Satan himself comes to collect, the only payment plan is your life. Forever cursed to rerun that same race, Dead Billy haunts the dirt of his ill-fated raceway grave.

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“I’m going fast, look at the flash,”

Is it katakana? Some butchered kanji? Or just some characters we made up to look like a ribcage? Honestly we were dusted on flat track dreams and high on castor bean smoke, so we can’t say for sure. Ask J-style, We’re sure he knows.

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Devoted to tradition and bound by loyalty

The Luckytime glove keeps good fortune at hand and bad juju at bay.

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2015 Kawasaki Vulcan 650S
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