Featuring military-grade titanium plates, mechanical expansion panels, and a Battlehide™ goatskin palm. The legacy of brutality.


Featuring an Ax Suede and neoprene backhand, carbon fiber reinforced Knuckle, and a Battlehide™ goat skin palm.

Icon 1000 Akromont

With its leather backhand, carbon-reinforced TPU knuckle, and seamless cowhide palm, it has the marks of a true combat vet.

Icon 1000 Luckytime

The mesh backhand coupled with a Battlehide™ goatskin palm and D3O® knuckle inserts adds reinforcement without adding bulk.

Icon 1000 Axys

Featuring a French cowhide backhand, Battlehide™ goatskin leather palm, and D3O® knuckle inserts. Give your bike the goodness it deserves.

Icon 1000 Retrograde

Features a kangaroo leather palm, titanium knuckle plates, and D3O® knuckle underlays. Bespoke craftsmanship meets road worthiness.

Icon 1000 Prep

Featuring a full kangaroo leather chassis, and D3O® inserts. The ultimate statement of controlled excess.

Icon 1000 Forestall

Features a softshell backhand, seamless Battlehide™ goatskin palm, and D3O® inserts. An operator's work is never done.


Supple sheepskin leather, an integrated plastic knuckle guard, and a reinforced goatskin palm. This is what a glove was meant to be.

Icon 1000 Rimfire

Constructed from drum-dyed French cowhide, D3O® inserts, and cadre of metal palm rivets. Old-world styling, cutting edge technology.

Icon 1000 Cheeter

Featuring a mesh backhand, a proprietary seamless Battlehide™ Goatskin palm, and a stitched D3O® knuckle insert.