Icon 1000 Axys

Features a TracSpec™ leather chassis and a full suite of D3O® Impact Protectors. The streets are mean, be mean back.

Icon 1000 Retrograde

Features a hand-cut SelectGrain™ leather chassis and D3O® Impact Protectors. Honor the past while remaining fully fitted for the future.

Icon 1000 Hood

Featuring a SelectGrain™ leather chassis, removable hood, and a D3O® Impact Protector package. Hide in plain or bask in the spotlight.

Icon 1000 Akromont

The durable textile chassis is grafted with drum-dyed leather panels to provide the retrograde engineered riding solution.

Icon 1000 Basehawk

A softshell chassis says hoodie, but the ballistic nylon, select-grain leather panels, and a full D3O® Impact Protector suite say otherwise.

Icon 1000 Forestall

A Highland Coated™ cotton chassis, drum-dyed leather impact zones, ballistic nylon stretch panels, and a full D3O® Impact Protector suite.

Icon 1000 Oildale

Highland coated canvas chassis and a full suite of D3O® Impact Protector. Enough structure to hold its own in the fiercest conditions.

Icon 1000 Vigilante

Drum-dyed leather sleeves, a sport fit textile chassis, and a D3O® Impact Protectors package provide the foundation for a formidable riding jacket.


A sublimated Poly chassis featuring a pro moto fit. Our jerseys are up to whatever mission one can imagine.